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Daily Red Sox Links: J.T. Watkins, Alex Cora, Ron Roenicke

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J.T. Watkins
Kelly O’Connor;

Our old friend Joon Lee has his thoughts on the sign-stealing punishments. (Joon Lee; ESPN)

Michael Baumann has a national perspective. (Michael Baumann; The Ringer)

The entire scandal is coming down on J.T. Watkins. So, who is he? (Peter Abraham; Boston Globe)

One thing brought into focus by this is the fact that the new technology era still serves as baseball’s Wild West. (Chad Jennings; The Athletic)

With all of this concluded, Ron Roenicke is now no longer the interim manager. (Rob Bradford; WEEI)

Everyone’s question now: Does this mean Alex Cora is coming back in 2021? (Chad Finn;

Ian Cundall continues his look around the farm system. (Ian Cundall; Sox Prospects)