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The Red Seat Podcast: Who were the best homegrown pitchers?

Matt and I take a shot at creating a list of our top 10 homegrown pitchers of the John Henry era.

MLB: Spring Training-Houston Astros at Boston Red Sox Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

In this episode of the show I am joined by Matt Collins to discuss homegrown success stories. The Red Sox get a substantial amount of criticism for their ability to develop home grown pitching talent, which for the most part is justified.

In order to explore this a little further, Matt and I looked back to the beginning of the John Henry era in 2002 to see just how many guys have been successfully developed in the 17 years since. We both landed on the same ten guys, albeit in slightly different orders.

The Red Sox it turns out, are not great at developing homegrown pitching, but they may not be quite as inept as some would make you believe. In terms of developing effective relief pitchers the team has actually been pretty adept. The team has also been able find good pitching prospects who were moved as packages for big time important pieces. These come to mind:

Justin Masterson: Traded as part of the package for Victor Martinez

Logan Allen: Traded as part of the package for Craig Kimbrel

Michael Kopech: Traded as part of the package for Chris Sale

Jalen Beeks: Traded for Nathan Eovaldi

Anderson Espinoza: Traded for Drew Pomeranz

Success with pitchers has certainly been harder to come by than with some other organizations, but the Sox haven’t been totally barren of successes.

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