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Red Sox Top Prospect Voting: Learn the name Luis Perales

Perhaps the biggest sleeper in the system.

Boston Red Sox Spring Training Workout Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

I talked at the start of our last entry here about how we’ve been on a run of position players as we’ve gotten deep into the 20s in our rankings, but it appears we’re going to go in the other direction to round out this top 30. We certainly did with the number 28 player on the list, who is not only a pitcher but also a guy that just might be the biggest sleeper in the system right now. That would be Luis Perales, who received 44 percent of the vote.

This is going to be a pretty short write-up because, well, there isn’t a whole lot to say here. Perales is not the first international signee from last year to make this list — Chih-Jung Lui came in at number 21 — but he is the first of the July 2 class to be part of our list. That is pretty remarkable considering that the righty out of Venezuela signed for only $75,000, a very small bonus for someone who is gaining this kind of buzz before playing in an official professional game. In fact, 13 prospects were signed in July of 2019 for more than Perales, according to Sox Prospects. None of them are on this list.

Perales is, though. Like I said above, however, there isn’t too much to say! He joins Liu as a player without professional experience off of which we can base some conclusions, but at least in Liu’s case there was some relatively high-profile performances overseas and in international tournaments. Perales is not that. He is just a kid out of Venezuela who, judging by his signing bonus, wasn’t super highly regarded when he agreed to terms with the Red Sox. He has certainly gained some serious helium since joining the organization, though.

The biggest reason for said helium? That would be velocity. Perales is not exactly an imposing figure on the mound right now, being listed at 6’1”, 160 pounds. Of course, he also just turned 17 three days ago, so I would say there is time to fill out some more. Regardless, as a 16 year old last summer after being signed and playing in front of scouts in the Dominican Academy, he suddenly started pumping out fastballs that sat in the mid 90s with some movement to boot. In the blink of an eye he went from one in a crowd in a recent signing class to a standout and a bona fide name to watch. It will come as no surprise given his age that there is a ton of room for improvement even with the impressive heat. He needs to refine some stuff and just generally learn to pitch as well as develop the secondaries along with the fastball. He does have a curveball right now that could be very good, but he’s going to need a changeup to turn into a starter.

There are a lot of bummers that come from the very real possibility that there is no minor-league baseball this year — even if MLB does some sort of season in Arizona or something, I don’t know how that would help the minors — is that we may not be able to see how Perales builds off this recent hype. He was set to make his professional debut in the DSL this summer. At some point, though, he will make that debut and we’ll be able to put a little more performance to the impressive scouting reports, the latter of which is all we have to go on right now.

Here is our full list so far:

1. Jeter Downs

2. Triston Casas

3. Bobby Dalbec

4. Bryan Mata

5. Noah Song

6. Gilberto Jimenez

7. Jay Groome

8. Jarren Duran

9. Thad Ward

10. Tanner Houck

11. Matthew Lugo

12. C.J. Chatham

13. Connor Wong

14. Nick Decker

15. Cameron Cannon

16. Marcus Wilson

17. Aldo Ramirez

18. Brayan Bello

19. Ryan Zeferjahn

20. Chris Murphy

21. Chih-Jung Liu

22. Bryan Gonzalez

23. Antoni Flores

24. Durbin Feltman

25. Brainer Bonaci

26. Pedro Castellanos

27. Brandon Howlett

Now, you can head down into the comments and vote for the number two. As a reminder, to do this you go down below and find the comment from me corresponding with the player for whom you’d like to vote. When you find said player, just click the “rec” button, and that will count your vote. To do this, you will need to be logged in as a member of the site. If you’d like to vote for a player who is not listed, just leave a comment saying “Vote for ___ here” and I’ll rec the comment to count your vote. Until next time...