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FanPost Friday: Which Players Should Have Their Numbers Retired?

Boston Red Sox Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Ian Browne from posited a great question on twitter a few nights ago, “Which number should be the next one to be retired by the Red Sox?” He set up a poll, and the results have since finalized.

If the poll looks familiar, it should, fellow author Bryan Joiner referenced it as well for his own article, imploring us to “get over Roger Clemens leaving”. This brought up a fascinating thought in my head. I feel pretty that three of the four names above deserve the retired number treatment (in time), but that isn’t the only consideration...

What about other players? Whether they be active ones who are generational talents (Mookie Betts, we hardly knew ye), players long since retired but not quite in the Hall of Fame (Jason Varitek), or rising studs that are all but impossible to project (Rafael Devers)?

So I take it to you, the OTM Community, to answer this question for me.

Which players - active or otherwise - deserve to next have their numbers in consideration for the ultimate honor the organization can bestow upon them: jersey number retirement?

What makes the player so special that they absolutely deserve the honor? Is it something they did on the field? Off the field? Was it a combination of the two?