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FanPost Friday: Who Replaces Chris Sale in the Rotation?

Chris Sale will not be ready for the start of the season! Oh no!

Boston Red Sox Spring Training Workout Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

So you may have heard the news, Chris Sale is not feeling 100 percent. At this time, he’s avoiding surgery, but it’s unclear if this is just a temporary delay. If Chris Sale ends up needing Tommy John Surgery, he will be out all of this year, and probably for some period of time next year. That would be bad.

Your goal this weekend is to come up with a realistic, affordable plan to replace Chris Sale, and detail why you think it makes sense!

Who do you bring in to replace Chris Sale in the rotation?

You don’t even have to bring in someone from outside the organization. If you think the answer is in house, you can absolutely respond with one of those options.

Happy FanPosting!