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Chris Sale reportedly to avoid surgery. For now

Who knows what the future holds

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Chris Sale situation is not ideal for the Red Sox. We were supposed to get some information this morning, but that was delayed as the team wanted to get another opinion on the MRI. This, understandably, had some worried, but we simply had no information. Well, now we have a little more. Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Sale will avoid Tommy John Surgery, at least for now.

So, obviously this doesn’t totally ease anyone’s anxiety about this situation. Those three words, “at this point,” are doing a whole lot of work in this report. There is at least the possibility still open that he’ll need the surgery down the road. That said, I am going to move past the urge to say the Red Sox are mishandling this situation, because I have no idea why he’s not undergoing surgery right now. If they know he’s going to need it within the next twelve months or something? Yeah, it’s dumb to wait. If doctors told him there’s a good chance he can go another five or ten years without needing the surgery? He’d be dumb to have it right now! We just have no idea.

That’s basically all there is to say at this point. I suspect we’ll get more information as to a timeline for his return and rehab paths and all of that tomorrow morning. For now, though, we can just enjoy that Sale will at least try to pitch this year. Some Chris Sale is better than no Chris Sale, at least from an entertainment perspective.