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FanPost Friday: Favorite Red Sox

Bringing back an oldie but a goodie.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Opening day should have happened. We should be talking about the 2020 Red Sox. We should be talking about something related to the 2020 Red Sox. Instead we have no baseball, so we will talk about the not 2020 Red Sox.

Pick your favorite all-time Red Sox at every position.

Thankfully, Red Sox history has a lot of teams and players to choose from that are not the 2020 Boston Red Sox. This weekend, we’re going to celebrate these teams, much like how MLB is celebrating its history in lieu of games being played.

We all have favorite players. Some of those players are probably on the team now. It’s ok to pick them too! This week we’re asking you to share your favorite players from Red Sox history. Choose one player from every position, and up to five starting pitchers (with anywhere from 1-5 relievers as well), and build your favorite squad. Note that favorite does not mean best. Or we’d all have very similar lists. Which players stoked your interest in the team and made watching the games fun?

You can choose anyone who has ever played a single game for the Red Sox. Ever. Whether it was a single game in 1918 (were you actually alive?) or 3308 games in their entire career. The only rules are that they must have actually played a game at that position, and they had to have done it while playing for the Red Sox.

Have fun! Happy FanPost Friday!