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The Over The Monster Podcast: Chris Sale’s Tommy John surgery

In this episode Jake and Matt discuss Sale’s upcoming surgery and it’s impact on the roster.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another edition of “The Over The Monster Podcast.” I hope you are all staying safe during this pandemic. Even though we don’t have any baseball to talk about we do have some player news.

During this show we dive into all the details we can about Chris Sale’s Tommy John surgery including:

  • Did the delay have any impact on his decision?
  • What does the rotation look like without him?
  • Will they consider using an opener?
  • Who might be in consideration to follow an opener?
  • Does Brian Johnson fit on this roster?

We also discuss if this delayed season coupled with the Sale news makes us feel any different about the Mookie trade.

We answer some great listener questions both about baseball and not about baseball. One of the questions asked us to make a starting nine of our absolute worst Red Sox players, that was a bunch of fun.

Extra fun stuff includes video game, tv, and games talk and much more.

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