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Streaming options for the social distancing baseball fan

What to watch when you’re (hopefully) staying home more than usual.

Hall of Fame Tour Unveiling

We are in a strange and unprecedented place right now in the scope of modern history of our country and really the world. We focus on sports here, obviously, but it’s impossible to ignore what is happening outside of our bubble, partially because it is affecting this bubble. My hope is that we are all adhering to the social distancing advice we are getting from medical professionals all over the world. I hope that people with the power to do so are ensuring any employees they may have work from home if its feasible. I hope people are staying home and away from crowded public spaces whenever at all possible. It’s not a fun position to be in, but it’s what is best for the most vulnerable in our society.

It goes without saying that adhering by these guidelines will require a shift in how we spend our day-to-day lives. Without sports, for many of us (I know I am among them) our nightly routine is totally thrown out of whack. There are many things to do here, but I think a lot of us will turn to binge watching shows or going through a list of movies. With us being a baseball site, it was suggested that we put together a list of baseball movies, documentaries and shows that are available on the various streaming services. So, I did that. You can find the whole list here.

A few notes here. First, there are definitely going to be things missing from this list, so tell me below what I missed. I spent a lot of time doing this — I’m social distancing it up too! — but I make mistakes and miss stuff all the time. I used this list to cross-reference with streaming options, for what it’s worth. Then I looked separately for some documentaries and stuff. Some of the movies that were listed here are weird, most notably My Dog Skip and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Anyway, there are 52 options here at present and I’m sure I’ll add more when people point out what I missed. I know personally I am going to watch Hardball soon because that movie kicks ass. What’s first on the list for you?