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Celebrating the Red Sox’ latest accomplishment

Trying to have fun with a not-fun situation

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The Red Sox have traded Mookie Betts, and for the most part Red Sox fans seem pretty upset about it. That’s an understandable reaction since, ya know, Betts was the best player they’d developed in decades and in the process they diminished their chances of winning with a roster that should be built to win as much right now as possible.

There were multiple motivations at play here, including getting young talent back for Betts rather than losing him for a compensation pick next winter if he left in free agency. There are issues with that line of thinking that we won’t get into here, but that was at least ostensibly a reason.

Another reason was that they were able to get under the luxury tax by trading Betts along with David Price, or at least half of the latter’s contract. Despite what John Henry has tried to say, getting under this threshold was clearly a goal for the team this winter, and they went out and achieved their goal. Any time you have a goal in front of you and you achieve it, that deserves to be celebrated. I’m not so sure the Red Sox are going to publicly celebrate this as much as they would like, so I’ll help them out a little bit. The latest shirt from our partners over at BreakingT are commemorating Henry and company saving on tax payments and potentially hurting draft stock with this new shirt featuring an “Under the Luxury Tax” banner. Folks, we just love to see it.

You can grab one of these bad boys by following this link.

Please buy a shirt. They are super comfortable and they go to a good cause, which is me putting food on my table. If we’re going to have to live through this Mookie-less season, we might as well have a fun shirt to go with it. Some may call it selling out, I call it surviving.