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MLB Roundup 2/4: Astros find a GM

And the Mariners lock up one of their starters.

Houston Astros Introduce Dusty Baker Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Astros hire James Click as GM

The Astros didn’t only have to hire a manager, something the Red Sox still have to do, in the midst of the sign-stealing scandal, but they also had to find a new GM. They filled the managerial role by going in a somewhat surprising direction with Dusty Baker, who is perceived as something of an old-school mind. That might be a bit overblown, but he’s certainly not a new-age manager. He is, however, being paired with a new-age GM. The Astros filled the hole on Monday, hiring Rays second-in-command James Click. Click, of course, was just promoted to his new role earlier in the offseason, having replaced Chaim Bloom after the latter was hired by the Red Sox. The Rays have now lost their two top executives below Erik Neander. They still have plenty of brainpower, but that’s a tough break for them. As for the Astros, well, I can’t pretend like I know much about Click’s specific philosophies, but the Rays model seems to fit well with that of the Astros.

Sox Spin: The Astros will probably be good for a while again, but I don’t think I would have though differently no matter who they hired. Also, the Rays get hurt here a little bit but I’m not expecting them to be too affected.

Marco Gonzales signs extension in Seattle

Jerry DiPoto and the Mariners are typically one of the busiest teams in baseball every offseason, but this year they’ve been quiet. They didn’t make a major addition or subtraction on Monday, but they did lock up one of their key rotation pieces for a few years. Lefty Marco Gonzales agreed to a four-year deal worth $30 million with an option for a fifth year. The deal buys out two free agency years if that fifth-year option is picked up. Gonzales isn’t the most exciting starter in baseball, but the lefty is a solid mid-rotation arm who doesn’t miss a ton of bats and cancels that out with good control. The ceiling isn’t huge, but he’s had an ERA right around 4.00 in both of his full seasons, which is better than it sounds given the current run environment.

Sox Spin: There’s not really a great comp for the Red Sox here that could sign a similar deal.