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It’s Truck Day!

The unofficial start of the 2020 season has arrived

Mike Carlucci

With the completion of the Super Bowl comes the end of the NFL season and the start of a migration of baseball players to Arizona and Florida for Spring Training. Nothing says that more than pitchers and catchers reporting but baseball fans need hope. And that hope takes the form of a tractor trailer filled with gloves and balls. Yes, Truck Day.

Every year the Red Sox load up...well, a lot of stuff. Like pairs of pants but seemingly single batting gloves? That said, pants get more wears than shirts and accessories like gloves would get more wears than pants, so the math probably works.

The 2020 Red Sox equipment truck Mike Carlucci

• 20,400 baseballs

• 1,100 bats

• 200 batting gloves

• 200 batting helmets

• 320 Batting Practice tops

• 160 white game jerseys

• 300 pairs of pants

• 400 t-shirts

• 400 pairs of socks

• 20 cases of bubble gum

• 60 cases of sunflower seeds

As they usually are, brother and sister team Wally and Tessie will be on hand for the festivities. If you are present for the send off or the initial “parade” route, the Monsters and other Fenway Ambassadors will be tossingRed Sox baseballs to anyone nearby.

The truck will make a final visit to McCoy Stadium on the way to Florida, arriving at about 1:00 PM for fans who can’t make it to Van Ness Street to join in the send off. On a warm Monday, it feel like spring is hopeful and around the corner. The PawSox, of course, are themselves packing up the truck at then end of 2020 to move to Worcester and become the WooSox. (Editor’s Note: WooSox is still a terrible name.)

Red Sox Nation will hope that this year it’s full of Mookie Betts’ favorite shirt and gum. And he can’t really play for any other team without them.

Update: Wally statue has been packed. The Wally statue has been packed!

Wally statue is packed Mike Carlucci