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OTM Open Thread 2/28: It is Friday

Philadelphia Phillies v Boston Red Sox Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Happy Friday everyone. The Red Sox are in action with their second game against the Twins, their spring cross-town rival. Of note for this one is that Rafael Devers, who had his spring delayed so he could be home for the birth of his daughter, is expected to make his debut. That one is at 1:05 PM ET, but it won’t be on TV. Beyond that, neither of the Boston teams are in action today. ESPN does have a back-to-back in the NBA tonight, starting with Thunder-Bucks at 8:00 PM ET followed by Nuggets-Clippers at 10:30 PM ET. That’s really it in the sports world. Use this space to discuss whatever you’d like. As always, just be nice to each other.