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Keith Law places two Red Sox prospects on his top 100

This seems to be close to the general consensus.

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Boston Red Sox Workout Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

We are just about in March, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for prospect season to continue. Keith Law made a move this offseason, heading from ESPN over to the Athletic, but he is still doing his prospect stuff in the same way. That is to say it will be spread out over a week, with it starting on Monday with his overall top 100 list. You can read it in full here.

Law is obviously a little bit different with his list every year, both on the top 100 and the individual team lists. This always bothers some people, but to be honest I find it refreshing to get a different perspective once in awhile. He very obviously knows what he’s talking about and has intelligent sources from which he gets information, and when we’re talking about a process like evaluating prospects that we know is so inexact, it’s weird to expect everyone to think the same.

Anyway, for all that talk about him being different, he actually wasn’t so different with respect to the Red Sox prospects he had on the list, of which he had two. The top rated Boston prospect was newcomer and infielder Jeter Downs, who came in at number 70 between Twins pitcher Jordan Balazovic and Pirates pitcher Mitch Keller. A bit further down was first baseman Triston Casas, who came in at number 90 overall between Blue Jays shortstop Orelvis Martinez and Dodgers catcher Diego Cartaya. Noah Song, meanwhile, made his just missed list.

Out of respect for the Athletic’s paywall I won’t get into his writeups on the individual players and certainly encourage you to go read those as well as the list in full. Instead, I will just note where this fits with some other rankings for these guys throughout the process. Downs was 89 on Baseball America, 47 on FanGraphs, and 44 on MLB Pipeline. Casas, meanwhile, ranked 70, 57 and 77, respectively. Both were unranked on Baseball Propectus, for what that’s worth.