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New Era Team Describe hats are like something from a fever dream

The Red Sox are famous for their...lobster roll?

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Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox
Not this one.
Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

This past week New Era unveiled a line of Team Describe hats that really push the boundaries about what teams are commonly associated with in their home cities. Why this was necessary or even inspired is anyone’s guess but the company clearly needed to reach deep to make these hats for the cities and teams included.

For the Red Sox this meant a hat that features the Paul Revere statue on the front and a lobster roll on the back. Yes, that’s a lobster roll. Or maybe a calzone taking revenge on whoever is walking behind the wearer of this oddly festooned hat.

Courtesy of New Era

As if having the Nike swoosh on the front of jerseys wasn’t enough of an odd change for the official uniforms, this two-logo city tour is beyond odd.

The statue doesn’t actually look half bad. Maybe that could have been the back logo? Like the St. Patrick’s Day hats with the B on the front and the shamrock on the back? Not that Paul Revere really screams Red Sox, at least it would be more appetizing than that lobster roll.

What about city hall? Or the Zakim bridge? Or anything else?

I guess it’s better than a Red Sox pinstriped shirt. Not sure where design continuity was on that one.