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Red Sox still talking Wil Myers trade possibilities with the Padres

They would also potentially get some pitching as well.

Colorado Rockies v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

During the height of the leadup to the Mookie Betts trade, the Padres were involved as legitimate players before the Dodgers stepped up and eventually got the deal done. One of the variations involving San Diego was one in which the Red Sox would take back Wil Myers, along with part of his salary. According to reports, one of the major holdups in that scenario was nailing down exactly how much of Myers’ contract Boston would take on as part of this deal.

Obviously, Betts is now in Los Angeles, but the Myers trade talks have apparently not stopped. According to a report from Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Boston and San Diego are still discussing a possible swap. There’s not a ton of specifics here, but we do get some idea at least on what Boston would be getting back. According to Acee, discussions have centered around the Red Sox taking on about half of the $61 million owed to Myers over the next three years. They are also interested in taking on a pitcher like Cal Quantril and prospects Luis Campusano and Gabriel Arias. Acee notes they are unlikely to get all three, and that Quantril has been a center piece in the discussion.

What’s not so clear is what Boston would be giving up in such a deal. Not knowing that fact obviously makes it hard to judge any potential trade. That said, the tone of the report seems to indicate that this would mostly be a salary dump in order for the Padres to acquire an impact piece elsewhere, which is exactly what the Red Sox should be doing. Myers is not all that good, but if they can get some young pitching they like for the cost of just taking on an undesirable contract, good on them. There’s been some speculation that Jackie Bradley Jr. could go back to San Diego, which seems to fly against the idea of shedding payroll unless they are thinking beyond 2020. Bradley is a free agent at the end of the year.

Ultimately, it’s an interesting rumor that could be a good move for the Red Sox and an example of how a big market team should be acting, obviously depending on what they’d give up.