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The Red Seat Podcast: Will Boston get in on the act?

The Red Sox have been involved in a number of free agent negotiations this winter.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Welcome back for another episode of The Red Seat Podcast. For this week’s episode, it is myself (Matt) joined by Jake as we go through the last week of Red Sox baseball, both in concrete news and reports. We start things off by looking at last week’s signing of Matt Andriese. Jake and I discuss our feelings overall on the move, what we think the role will be for the new Red Sox righty, whether or not we may see some six-man rotations, and what this could mean for the roster status of players such as Tanner Houck, Nick Pivetta and Garrett Whitlock.

After that, we take some time to talk about players in whom the Red Sox are or were reportedly interested, including a handful of players for whom there were reports Boston was one of the runners up. We discuss what those players could mean for who the Red Sox are targeting this winter as well as why these reports are even coming out in the first place. (Personally, I feel like the fact that we know they were a runner up for Tommy Kahnle is deeply strange.) We also look at the reported interest in Kiké Hernández and suss out whether the former Dodger is a good fit with the Red Sox, and do the same with NPB star Tomoyuki Sugano.

From there, we take a second to look at the recent flurry of activity with the Padres, talking about those deals quickly before looking at the effect it could have on the Red Sox. Specifically, we wonder where Kevin Kiermaier should place on the list of available center fielders for Boston to target before looking at a few potential targets for the Red Sox from the apparently-selling Cubs.

We finish things off with a few listener questions, including looking ahead to 2022 as well as a few trade scenarios from listeners.

As always, we hope you enjoyed the show. If you did, please remember to scubscribe, give us a good rating, an even better review, and tell your friends. We’ll be back with you next week, or whenever news breaks.