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OTM Open Thread 12/29: It is Tuesday

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday everyone. Perhaps the Red Sox will find their inner Padres today and big things will happen, though that’s just wishful thinking. Instead, the highlight of my sports day is likely to watch the struggling Celtics take on the Pacers, trying to make up for their loss in Indiana on Sunday. That one tips off at 7:00 PM ET. There’s also a back-to-back in the NBA on TNT tonight with Bucks-Heat at 7:30 PM ET followed by Pelicans-Suns. Elsewhere, there’s college basketball throughout the day including a 9:00 PM ET top-20 matchup between Northwestern and Iowa on FS1, as well as a pair of bowl games at 5:30 PM ET and 9:00 PM ET, both on ESPN. Use this space to discuss whatever you’d like. As always, just be nice to each other.

Thing I Like Today

Been a bit since I’ve done this, but this report on the Bucatini shortage in the US is great.