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Introducing the OTM Mailbag

We need your questions.

Cincinnati Reds Photo by Focus on Sport via Getty Images

We are just about ready to hit the New Year, and we have been trying to figure out what we can add, change, modify and remove in the coming year to keep growing this site into the best possible version of itself. To that end, one thing that I had been planning on starting up for a long time now but haven’t actually gotten around to doing is a mailbag, so we’re going to do that now so we can hopefully start getting some weekly mailbags going every Sunday starting with the first Sunday of 2021.

The way it works is, well, just like every other mailbag, I suppose. We want all of your Red Sox-related questions, from the serious to the silly to the hypothetical to the abstract to the incredibly hands-on and practical, and everything in between. We’re supposed to be a site dedicated to discussing the things Red Sox fans are wanting to discuss, so what better way than getting questions directly from the readers?

Obviously, this won’t work without questions so we do need your help to keep coming at us with questions every week, and we’ll open up a few channels to do that. For one, you can drop questions down below in the comments. We’ll make it so the comment section for every mailbag can be used to ask questions for the following week’s mailbag. So you can drop some below this post for next week’s, and then below next week’s for the following week’s, and so on. You get it. Additionally, we’ve opened up a Gmail account at where you can drop questions, and as always you can throw some questions at us on Twitter @OverTheMonster.

As I said, I’m hoping to get this going next Sunday and I will have this post pinned as a reminder. We’re looking forward to seeing what you all want to talk about.