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Daily Red Sox Links: Alex Cora, Eduardo Rodriguez, Xander Bogaerts

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Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

For the most part, the 2020 season was not very much fun to watch for Red Sox fans. That doesn’t mean there was nothing to see. Fenway photographers had a great view on this crazy 2020 season. (Anne Gardner; Providence Journal)

It really hasn’t been all that long since Alex Cora’s first tenure as the Red Sox manager, but things sure have changed since that point. (Jen McCaffrey; The Athletic)

And while there may be some split among fans about this hiring, the players are getting a boost that is much needed coming off last season. (Julian McWilliams; Boston Globe)

Consider Steve Buckley among those who are concerned about the move, though, as he argues things are becoming more complicated for fans. (Steve Buckley; The Athletic)

Marcell Ozuna is a potential big-name target for the Red Sox this winter. Could Eduardo Rodriguez help bring him to Boston? (Darren Hartwell; NBC Sports Boston)