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The Red Seat Podcast: The Alex Cora Edition

A quick rundown of the hiring of Alex Cora.

Baltimore Orioles Vs. Boston Red Sox At Fenway Park Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Welcome back to an emergency edition of the Red Seat Podcast. Our plan for the winter is to do episodes once a week rather than multiple times through the week, but when big news breaks we’ll do shortened emergency episodes. This is the first of those as the Red Sox made their first big move of the winter, bringing Alex Cora back to be the manager.

Jake and myself each give our thoughts on everything relating to the hiring. We talk about the affect the Astros scandal has on our feelings about Cora being in this job, as well as his connection with the players and how that should be a benefit moving forward as well. We also spend a little time discussing the outlook for the short-term future and how that affects the leash Cora may have, both with the organization as well as with the fans. Towards the end, we also take a quick, preliminary look at some potential bench coach candidates.

We hope you enjoy this episode and if you haven’t already, you would be so kind to subscribe on whatever podcast platform you use, rate, review and tell your friends. Until next time!