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Daily Red Sox Links: Tanner Houck, Corey Kluber, Blake Snell

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New York Yankees v. Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/MLB Photos via Getty Images

One of the few positives the Red Sox were able to pull away from the 2020 season was Tanner Houck, who mowed down lineups in his first three career starts. Can we consider that a sign of things to come? (John Tomase; NBC Sports Boston)

Instructs recently finished down in Florida, which is a bigger deal than usual given that there was no minor-league action this summer. Chad Jennings checks back in on the farm now that it has wrapped. (Chad Jennings; The Athletic)

Rob Bradford shares one name to keep an eye on from Instructs who has fallen off the radar a bit due to there being no minor-league ball in the past year. (Rob Bradford; WEEI)

Could Corey Kluber be a good fit for the Red Sox this offseason? (Ricky Doyle; NESN)

Sean McAdam shares a few thoughts about this team during a holiday weekend. (Sean McAdam; Boston Sports Journal)

Jason Mastrodonato is not a fan of the Rays potentially having Blake Snell on the block. (Jason Mastrodonato; Boston Herald)