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The Red Seat Podcast: The Top Prospect Pod

In this episode of the show Matt and Jake discuss the top prospects in the system.

Boston Red Sox First-Round Draft Pick Triston Casas Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Welcome back to another episode of The Red Seat podcast. On this episode Matt and I are discussing the state of the Red Sox system. The big prospect lists have started to come out with Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus releasing their top ten lists for the Red Sox system. In addition to these we have the always fantastic list and the up and coming Prospects Live to help us sort through this crop of prospects.

Matt and I spend this episode dissecting the lists and determining what each of us agrees with and what we have problems with. In particular we spend a lot of time talking about where Triston Casas will rank nationally, whether or not he has any real challenger for top prospect in the system, and how he compares to previous top prospects.

We also dive deep into the value of Jeter Downs and if he could potentially become a trade chip. We are both higher than the lists on Jarren Duran and we tell you why. In addition to these more well know players we discuss how military service is causing Noah Song’s value to fluctuate list by list and we discuss how each of us values him differently. Gilberto Jimenez, Nick Yorke, Bryan Mata, and a few more names also come up as we are discussing our personal top ten’s and the ranks.

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