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OTM Open Thread 10/7: It is Wednesday

Baseball - Fenway Park in Boston Photo by Rick Friedman//Corbis via Getty Images

Happy Wednesday! We’ve got more Division Series action today as October rolls on. The Miami Marlins look to tie their series with the Atlanta Braves 1-1 at 2:08 PM ET on MLB Network. The Houston Astros look to finish their series off with the Oakland Athletics at 3:35 PM ET on TBS. In prime time, the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays head into their own Game 3 at 7:08 PM ET on TBS. Last but not least, the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers play Game 2 at 9:08 PM ET on FS1 to finish the day. The Lakers and Heat are off until Friday, so baseball has a couple days in the spotlight. And, sigh, let’s wish a happy birthday to Mookie Betts. Enjoy the day and be good to one another!