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Daily Red Sox Links: Chaim Bloom, Worcester Red Sox

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Washington Nationals v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Jen McCaffrey handed out some grades for the 2020 Red Sox. As you might expect, this isn’t exactly a report card they’ll want to hang on their fridge. (Jen McCaffrey; The Athletic)

While the year was undeniably tough up in the majors, there were plenty of positives down in Pawtucket at the Alternate Site. (Andrew Mahoney; Boston Globe)

The offseason is sure to be a busy one for the Red Sox, as they have a lot to do to fix the clear holes on their roster. Here’s how they’ll tackle things. (Ricky Doyle; NESN)

The Triple-A club is, of course, moving from Pawtucket to Worcester for the 2021 season. On Friday, they unveiled their mascot. His name is Smiley Ball and he is... Something. (Michael Bonner; Mass Live)

Speaking of minor-league baseball, talks between MLB and MiLB were held this week with the agreement between the two officially lapsing. The talks didn’t go anywhere. (Michael Silverman; Boston Globe)