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The Red Seat Podcast: Who will be managing in 2021?

With the search for a candidate nearing completion who will end up with the job?

2019 Major League Baseball Winter Meetings Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

The managerial search seems like it’s nearing the end point with a large number of candidates having interviewed for the position and a certain someone being eligible for reinstatement after the season. It feels like the only thing left is for the actual season to end, probably in a Mookie Betts World Series victory, and for the team to name a new manager. It still feels like this job is Alex Cora’s to lose, however they are interviewing a heck of a lot of candidates who are not Cora. Look for a decision later in the week, but before that Matt and I weigh in on what we think about the crop of guys who was interviewed.

The Red Sox also began a flurry of roster moves that we knew would be coming. The bottom of this Red Sox 40-man roster has a lot of fat on it that can no doubt be trimmed and will need to be trimmed heading into what looks to be a competitive off-season for the team. The first casualties were mentioned here yesterday. We discuss these moves along with who we expect to be the next casualties.

Aside from the very bottom of the roster there are some very real questions surrounding the top of this roster including many players with a starting role. Will Jackie Bradley Jr. re-sign with the team? Will Michael Chavis, J.D. Martinez, and Andrew Benintendi all be here next year after underperforming last year? Will any of Triston Casas, Jarren Duran, Bryan Mata, or Jeter Downs come up next season? We rank all of these possibilities for 2021 on a scale of 1-10 in terms of likeliness.

Lastly, we answered a bunch of your listener questions before ending the show.

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