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FanPost Friday - One Trade to Fix Everything

Boston Red Sox v Atlanta Braves Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

This week for FanPost Friday, the prompt is going to dive a bit more into fantasy. We all love playing armchair GM and/or manager, and I will always oblige you in that desire.

Chaim Bloom has done a great job of trading in his short tenure as the head honcho, getting some of the top prospects in the system already in some trades including veterans leaving the roster. That said, who would you rather trust: a guy with years of experience in the field or a random fan?

This week’s prompt?

If you were given the opportunity to make one trade, what would it be?

You can choose anybody. You can make any silly trade offer you like. I suggest making a reasonable looking trade offer for a reasonable looking trade target, but this is just a suggestion.

Any and all FanPosts on any topic will be accepted of course, and discussed during the Flyby next week.