New Manager needed

With Roenicke gone many have speculated that Cora will get the nod. My belief is that it won't happen and if it does I know it will impact the true fan base. I'm not talking about the Johnny come latelys who latched on to the Red Sox wagon when they started winning, I'm talking those of us who watched in frustration when Gibson shut us down in Game 7 in 1967.

The Red Sox organization hasn't been perfect over the years but it's given many of us long-time fans a sense of them trying to do the right thing. Programs like the Jimy Fund and other charitable activities on the part of the Front Office and Ownership suggest a sense of right and wrong. In fact, they made one of their biggest mistakes in history while trying to rid themselves of their anti-minority perception, they hired Cora. He wasn't qualified. He wasn't a good player. Hopefully, they didn't know about his massive cheating scheme in Houston and he had no clue how to manage a pitching staff like Farrell did yet we hired him in hopes of improving our relationship with the media and the public.

The hiring was a disaster. Almost immediately he started making mistakes in 2018 but our hitters were all having career years except Devers and we overcame EVERY mistake he made. An experienced manager who was available at the same time was Joe Girardi. As much as I hate anything to do with the Yankees, I recognize talent when I see a guy take a low talented Yankee team to so many division titles with a fading Jeter and a band of so so players. If we grab Girardi instead of Cora we probably win 120 not 108. Also, in 2019, we don't make the Spring Training mistake which completely changes the success of the pitching staff into the woes of the pitching staff. Our hitters performed at a lower level in 2019 but had the pitchers not been screwed up by Spring Training, who knows where we finish, who knows if another run at the title gives DD a chance to stay around long enough to see Panda's money drop off the books and who knows how much better our organization would look not being part of the cheating scheme Cora brought from Houston.

To suggest this cheating mastermind deserves a third chance is absolutely insane. Bloom, if he is as intelligent as many have suggested, would need to have this decision shoved down his throat like the Mookie deal before he would agree to hiring Cora. Kenisaw Mountain Landis thought cheating in 5 games to throw a series was worthy of a lifetime ban, what would cheating in 90 games, winning 2 playoff series and a World Series bring to Cora had he still been in office now? Two lifetime bans or more? And that's not counting what he did in Boston but the commissioner could prove thanks to the MLBPA!!

If the Red Sox hire the cheater I for one will abandon the Red Sox as my team after 60+ years of being a diehard fan. My father will be rolling over in his grave to hear we hired a cheater. I'm guessing Ted Williams, Yaz and all the other greats of yesteryear would be shaking their heads again less than a year after they did it for the Mookie deal. This organization if they hire Cora will officially be one step down from the Astros. They will be an embarrassment to Boston, they will be an embarrassment to all Red Sox fans and a huge embarrassment to all the Red Sox players who played with dignity during the last 100+ years.

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