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The Red Seat Podcast: Are The Red Sox Going Public?

In this episode Jake and Keaton discuss the partial sale of the team and much more.

Wall Street Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

Welcome back to another edition of “The Red Seat Podcast.” Today’s episode is number 183 and on this episode we tackle the following items:

  • The Red Sox potentially selling off around 25% of the team
  • Some changes to the 2020 coaching staff
  • A discussion of the qualifying offer for 2020 and how that affects the Red Sox plans
  • Confirmation on the 2021 draft order
  • Listener questions

In our exploration of the Red Sox partial sale we discuss what this company does that is looking to buy this share of Fenway Sports Group. Moreover, we discuss Billy Beane’s involvement with that group and what would happen to his future in baseball if it were to go through. How would all of this affect, if at all, the on the field product that the Red Sox are putting out there?

Jerry Narron and Craig Bjornson did not have their contracts renewed for next year, but the rest of the coaching staff did. What does this say about the likelihood that Alex Cora, who is familiar with this staff, is coming back to the team?

The qualifying offer for this year is set at $18.9 million dollars. Keaton and I discuss what will happen if the Red Sox decide to sign a player who is set to get a qualifying offer. We also discuss the players who cannot be given a qualifying offer, those who are locks to, and those who are on the bubble.

Finally, we get confirmation on the draft order for 2021 and we answer all of your listener questions.

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