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Daily Red Sox Links: J.D. Martinez, Whitey Ford, Rafael Devers

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Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Baseball has lost a few of the best the game has ever seen in recent weeks. Unfortunately, another passed away on Friday as former Yankee and Red Sox rival Whitey Ford passed at the age of 91. (Bart Barnes; The Washington Post)

J.D. Martinez has already announced his intention to opt into his contract for the 2021 season, but that doesn’t mean he’ll automatically be on the roster. The Red Sox could look to trade the slugger. (Chad Jennings; The Athletic)

Also on the agenda for the Red Sox this winter could be working on extensions for some members of their young core. (Chris Cotillo; Mass Live)

John Tomase looks at the free agent pitching market to see who would fit in with a team that clearly needs as much help as possible on that front. (John Tomase; NBC Sports Boston)

At least some old friends are having fun this October. (Schuyler Dixon; Boston Globe)