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The Over The Monster Podcast: The Emergency Sign Stealing Edition

On this special episode Matt and Keaton discuss the breaking scandal sweeping Red Sox nation.

MLB: Winter Meetings Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning. This is not our typical episode of the OTM podcast because unfortunately it appears that our favorite ball club is wrapped up in a sign stealing scandal. This is very not ideal.

Just when we thought the winter was boring enough with spending restrictions and “keeping all of our options open”, we get hit with this. So far I have avoided reading much about his subject, although I plan to today. Matt and Keaton, however, have read about it extensively already and are here to give you the known facts.

I do know that if the Red Sox and Cora are found to be guilty they will not be let off easy by MLB. After the Apple Watch scandal they and others were put on notice and it is pretty stupid and brazen if they ignored that in order to try and cheat.

This event, however unfortunate, is not one that is unfamiliar to most of us who follow the local football team. Remember your training. With that here are a few tips for avoiding getting furious at such a scandal:

  1. Don’t watch the national news coverage of the scandal, it will only upset you, especially the Skip Bayless types who say things just for a reaction.
  2. Avoid that person at the office who roots for sports teams that always lose to Boston teams. Be particularly aware of people with allegiances to New York, Baltimore, L.A., or Philly.
  3. When asked about it by your non-sports watching relatives just say, “I don’t know much about it, MLB is investigating.” This should end the discussion and allow you to return to peace and quiet.

We thank you for listening to this emergency episode, you can find Keaton on Twitter @TheSpokenKeats and you can find Matt @mattrycollins