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OTM Open Thread 1/4: It is Saturday

Washington Nationals v Boston Red Sox Photo by Michael Ivins/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Happy Saturday, everyone. It’s a big day in the sports world with the NFL playoffs kicking off. That, of course, includes the Patriots, who are playing in Wildcard Weekend for the first time in about 50 years. (Don’t fact check me on that one.) It’s going to be a tough game, but they are at home as they host Titans, who finished the years as one of the hottest teams in football. That one is going to kickoff at 8:15 PM ET. Before they get going, the Texans and the Bills play the first game of the day at 4:35 PM ET. Prior to the NFL action, the Bruins will look to get back on track (and maybe avoid overtime?) with an afternoon game against the Oilers that starts at 1:00 PM ET. There’s also a bunch of college basketball on all day. Use this space to discuss whatever you’d like. As always, just be nice to each other.

Update (10:30 AM): Just realized the Celtics play tonight in Chicago at 8:00 PM ET, too. Thinking the local ratings might be a little low for that one.

Thing I Like Today

I was way, way, way late on this, but I finally watched Fleabag. It’s as good as everyone says.