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Red Sox get shut out on Baseball Prospectus’ top 101 prospect list

Good times

Triston Casas
Kelly O’Connor;

The top 100 (or, in this case, 101) prospect lists are coming in hot of late with Baseball Prospectus putting there’s out on Monday. We previously had Baseball America, whose list included both Triston Casas and Bobby Dalbec, followed by MLB Pipeline, who had only Casas on theirs. Well, BP is following the pattern of subtracting one from the list each time, as there were no Red Sox prospects on their top 101. I’m looking forward to seeing how FanGraphs has negative one Red Sox prospects on their list.

At the same time, it’s both not a huge surprise and also not a huge deal. To the former point, it seems they’ve been a bit lower on the top Red Sox guys — i.e. Casas and Dalbec — than many of the other publications around the internet for a couple of years now, which is certainly not to say they are right or wrong. Neither of those players, nor anyone else who would be in contention for this sort of list, is without flaws. It is also worth noting that the gaps between prospects on these kinds of list are not universal all the way through. In other words, the gap between players shrinks the deeper into the list you go. So, the difference between, say, 75 and 125 isn’t the same as 1 and 50.

Along those same lines, it is worth noting that they were at least close to getting one and maybe two names on. Triston Casas was listed among their next ten who just missed, and you can follow that link to see their explanation. Additionally, in their top ten for the Red Sox system, they said Noah Song could be a top 101 prospect if they knew he was going to be able to pitch full-time in 2020. So, the farm system is certainly not good, but also being shut out of a top 101 list isn’t reason to panic and, I don’t know, trade the second best player in baseball for a bad veteran on a not-great contract, a couple of average-at-best regulars and maybe a bottom-of-the-top 100 prospect. Just spitballin’.