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Dustin Pedroia reportedly suffers major setback

This just sucks.

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Well, this really sucks. Dustin Pedroia was always a question a mark with regards to health heading into the 2020 season, and if we’re being honest I think most of us were planning on a timeshare at second base that didn’t involve the Red Sox legend. Still he was planning on trying things out again in spring training, but now that seems to be in question. Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe reported Tuesday morning that Pedroia had suffered a major setback with his knee. We don’t know the specifics just yet, but Abraham indicates Pedroia is going to discuss options with his family, agent and the team.

There’s really not a whole lot to say here. Like I said, the expectation was never really for Pedroia to get back on the field in any significant role, but there was still a sliver of hope. That sliver just got even smaller. My hope was that he’d at least get a David Wright-like exit where he can play one final game in front of the home crowd and get the final ovation he so clearly deserves, but it’s not clear that is even possible. More than anything else, this is just sad and not the way his career was supposed to end. Pedroia was very much on a path to Cooperstown, but the injuries over the last few years may have derailed that opportunity.

As far as his contract and possible retirement, he should do whatever he damn well pleases. As I wrote last spring, Pedroia doesn’t need your, my or anyone else’s help in this matter. He earned that contract by playing for well below market rate for the best years of his career and there’s no reason he should feel compelled to do anything but accept every paycheck he has coming to him. In terms of the calls that will surely come out for him to become manager, I can’t say with any sort of confidence that he would be good or bad in that role. It seems absurd to me, but that does not always mean it’s bad. Ultimately, I just want Pedroia to do what’s best for him, and I hope people don’t give him a hard time about whatever that may be. After everything he’s done for the Red Sox over the years, it’s the least we can do.