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Fanpost Friday: Manager Merry-Go-Round

Alex Cora is out! Who is your pick to manage the Red Sox?

Boston Red Sox News Conference Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Hey, if you’ve been living under a rock, I’ve got some big news for you: Alex Cora and the Red Sox have mutually parted ways. In other words, we need a new manager.

There are a lot of good choices out there, and some of them are even internal, so we wouldn’t need to ask permission to steal them away from someone else’s team. But on the other hand, we do have a new boss in town, in Chaim Bloom. So this may be the best time to get a fresh perspective.

While there’s debate as to how much impact a manager has on a team, the team’s reactions to Cora’s ousting make it clear just how beloved he was.

The next manager has some big shoes to fill. It’s a tough task to come into a clubhouse (especially this late in the offseason) and take control in a way that resonates with the players in the clubhouse. But it’s also a necessity. The Red Sox are convinced they are a contender for 2020, and contenders are on the same page with the rest of their team.

Thus my question for you this week:

Who do you want to be the next manager of the Boston Red Sox, and why?

I already have my pick, and I can’t wait to see yours. Happy FanPosting!