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FanPost Friday: Favorite players on division rivals

We all probably have one or two we wish weren’t playing for #TeamEvil. Who is yours?

New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins

I have a confession. I love a few players on the Rays, Yankees, and yes, even the Blue Jays. Not sure about the Orioles, but the point is I have guys I like on each of those teams.

And that’s okay! Beyond the raw tribalism of “my team is better than yours. Grrrr I don’t like your team”, it is totally acceptable to admit you like a baseball player that wears different laundry than the ones on your favorite team. In fact, in some cases, it’s possible your favorite player in all of baseball IS on a rival team! That can happen!

This week’s exercise is based upon this phenomenon.

Who is your favorite player that plays in the American League East and is not a member of the Boston Red Sox?

The player can be a former member of the Red Sox, but they currently have to be on the Yankees, Blue Jays, Rays, or Orioles.

I look forward to your replies!