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The Over The Monster Podcast- Sep call-ups and AFL participants

In this episode Keaton and I look at who the team called up and who they are sending to Arizona.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Angels Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox best chance at reaching the postseason ended by August 1st when following the vaunted 14 games vs the Rays and Yankees the team found itself well out of contention. While this was mathematically true, Alex Cora certainly didn’t give the team the memo. Since then Cora has placed Brandon Workman permanently in the closer role, seemingly cracking the code on how best to use this bullpen. Despite being short on starting pitching all month with key injuries to Chris Sale, David Price, and innings limitations on Nate Eovaldi the team has slowly crept back into the picture. Now the odds of making the postseason remain under 10%, but the way the team is playing it doesn’t feel that low. The moves that the Red Sox made when rosters expanded in September certainly reflect that of a club chasing playoff aspirations, not one auditioning jobs for the future. We discuss all these additions on the podcast and we dive into the future with a discussion of the prospects headed to the Arizona Fall League.

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