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The Red Seat Podcast: Reviewing the preview

A review of our preseason superlatives shows how disastrously wrong we all were.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Boston Red Sox Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

This is it. The Red Sox season has just six games left and the next time you hear from us the season will be over. What a relief. This was a tough one. Expectations going into the year were sky high, what we got paled in comparison to what was expected. On this episode of the show we start off by looking back at our pre-season superlatives—as you can guess things didn’t go well. After we do that we get into the following topics:

  • How will Alex Cora change his approach to this off-season?
  • Who is playing winter ball?
  • What does Michael Chavis in the outfield mean for this team going forward?
  • Who are our leading candidates to replace Rick Porcello in the rotation?
  • Is Dana Lavangie on the hot seat?
  • Many more listener questions

Most of all we appreciate everyone that downloaded our podcast during the season and we hope that as the off-season gets underway you will stay with us. Over the winter we expect to be a little less frequent, but no less thorough. We will be with you as news breaks and to discuss an in depth plan for the team going forward.