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FanPost Friday - Best and Worst Games You’ve Seen

The Red Sox may or may not make the playoffs. There have been good games and bad games this year. This is true of previous years. Which stand out to you?

MLB: AUG 31 Red Sox at Angels Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As any fan of any professional sport could tell you, there are good games, and there are bad games. Sometimes, you win a bad game. Sometimes, you lose a good game. Winning and losing aren’t always the sole condition for whether or not you can enjoy an individual game.

This weekend (which is extended, thanks to Labor Day!) I aim to learn what games you’ve watched or seen that were the absolute best and worst that you’ve seen, under whatever criteria that is for you.

In your FanPost, if you could provide a link to the game’s box score that would be appreciated (if you can remember the time and place anyway). Within the FanPost should be a description of the game (IE - the Red Sox lost to the Yankees 6-5 after a crushing late HR by a certain jerk who now manages the Yankees) as well as why it was a particularly fun or not-so-fun game to watch for you.

If no specific game comes to mind, you can also write about your dream or nightmare scenario for any given game to come up on the schedule, and write about why those situations would be good (or bad).

Happy FanPosting!