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Red Sox at Blue Jays Lineups: Mookie Betts gets the night off

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

The Red Sox are looking to get back into the win column on Wednesday, no longer for anything having to do with making the postseason but rather just to, well, feel good about themselves. Alex Cora seems to recognize that their postseason hopes are dead, as he’s starting to give some days off to his best players. Xander Bogaerts was off the field on Tuesday, and for the second game in Toronto Mookie Betts gets the day off. In his place, Brock Holt will not only be playing right field but also leading off. Meanwhile, Bobby Poyner will be the first pitcher used in a bullpen game. It’s late-September baseball, baby!

The full lineups are below, in tweet form.