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The Over The Monster Podcast-The Emergency Dombrowski Podcast

In this episode we discuss all angles of the Dave Dombrowski firing.

MLB: Spring Training-Boston Red Sox at Pittsburgh Pirates Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

In this extra-long emergency podcast about Dave Dombrowski, Keaton and I tackle the questions surrounding his firing as thoroughly as possible. We discuss whether or not his firing was justified. Then we hit on whether or not his tenure here should be considered a success. Of course we also berate the team for how it handled the whole situation and look back on some of the team’s most egregious examples of handling firing executives or trading players. Finally, we discuss where the team goes from here including:

· Should they trade Mookie Betts?

· How does this situation affect Mookie and J.D.?

· Will they be ready to compete in 2020 or will they take a step back?

· Who are some candidates for this job?

· What do we know about the group that is currently taking over for Dombrowski?

You guys are the best. We put out a call for questions and we received an outpouring of thoughtful questions. In order to not make this a two and a half hour podcast we weren’t able to answer all of them, but we did get to the majority of them. We appreciate you.

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