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Red Sox at Indians lineup: There’s a white flag risin’ by the Cuyahoga river

City of light, city of magic, city of extremely long sighs.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Will te Red Sox (62-59) continue to play themselves out of playoff contention when they face the Indians (72-49) tonight in Cleveland with Chris Sale on the mound? I don’t know! But I know that it sure as heck feels like they will, and lying about that would be a sin against the Internet. Folks, I just don’t feel good about things right now. Then again, I don’t feel much at all. It might be easiest to write off this team and just pack it in for the year, but as the 2007 Colorado Rockies remind us, sometimes you can just stop losing for the entire month of September and still get into the dance, and even then you can keep winning until you play the Red Sox. Since the Red Sox are the Red Sox, that means they could not be stopped, unless they were somehow able to beat... themselves, and after watching this team, well, I’m sure they can.

Dunno what to tell you about the lineups, other than hey remember when Sale absolutely ripped through the Angels last time out? That would be nicer than some of his previous efforts. In all seriousness, it’s gonna take like five heroes if the Sox are going to get back into this thing and Sale would have to be one of them, so... well, it’s much easier to think about what it entails if the Sox lose this game than what it means if they win. Let’s hope the picture’s still blurry tomorrow.

Game 122 at Indians

Lineup spot Red Sox Indians
Lineup spot Red Sox Indians
1 Mookie Betts, RF Francisco Lindor, SS
2 Rafael Devers, 3B Oscar Mercado, CF
3 Xander Bogaerts, SS Carlos Santana, 1B
4 J.D. Martinez, DH Franmil Reyes, DH
5 Andrew Benintendi, LF José Ramirez, 3B
6 Mitch Moreland, 1B Roberto Pérez, C
7 Marco Hernández, 2B Jason Kipnis, 2B
8 Sandy León, C Greg Allen, LF
9 Jackie Bradley Jr., CF Tyler Naquin RF
SP Chris Sale, LHP Mike Clevinger, RHP