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The 2020 schedule is out

Anything to get our minds off 2019, right?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

At this point with the Red Sox all but out of a playoff race, we will take any excuse to look past the 2019 season even for just a few minutes. The league was nice enough to give us an excuse on Monday as they released the schedules for the 2020 season for every team in the league.

As MLB tries to get their season done earlier in the year, as in before October, that means they are starting early once again. This season Opening Day will be on March 26, which also happens to be yours truly’s birthday. It will be cool to have my birthday be such a big baseball day, but also it’s way too early to be starting a baseball season. There are going to be a whole lot of weather cancellations for the first couple weeks of the year. Fortunately, the Red Sox won’t have to worry about that right off the bat as their season will begin March 26 in Toronto with a four-game set against the Blue Jays to kick off the year.

The Red Sox will return home for the following weekend to take on the White Sox on April 2 for their home opener at Fenway. Shortly after that they will have their big west coast trip, making it two years in a row with that trip being very early in the year. This time they travel to Seattle for four and Oakland for three from 4/9-4/15. They’ll travel west one more time for a three-game set against the Angels from 4/22-4/24.

Also of note is that the interleague schedule will be against the NL Central next year. As part of that they’ll travel to Wrigley for the first time since 2012 in a series that immediately precedes the trip to Los Angeles mentioned above. They’ll also have home and homes against the Reds and the Braves.

Their first game against the Yankees will be on May 8 in the Bronx and the first time New York comes to Fenway will be on June 12. Additionally, they will be heading to Williamsport on August 23 to play Baltimore. The season will close with three at home against the Orioles.

Here is the full schedule.

3/26-3/29: @ TOR

3/30-4/1: @ BAL

4/2-4/5: vs. CHW

4/6-4/8: vs. TB

4/9-4/12: @ SEA

4/13-4/15: @ OAK

4/17-4/20: vs. CLE

4/21-4/23: vs. TOR

4/24-4/26: @ MIN

4/27-4.29: @ TOR

5/1-5/3: vs. TEX

5/5-5/7: vs. LAA

5/8-5/10: @ NYY

5/12-5/13: @ ATL

5/14-5/17: @ TEX

5/19-5/21: vs. TB

5/22-5/24: vs. HOU

5/25-5/28: vs. KC

5/29-5/31: @ HOU

6/1-6/3: @ CLE

6/5-6/7: vs. MIL

6/9-6/11: @ TB

6/12-6/14: vs. NYY

6/16-6/17: vs. ATL

6/19-6/21: @ CHC

6/22-6/24: @ LAA

6/26-6/28: vs. STL

6/29-7/1: vs. SEA

7/3-7/5: @ PIT

7/6-7/8: vs. TOR

7/10-7/12: vs. BAL

7/17-7/19: @ KC

7/20-7/22: @ TOR

7/24-7/26: @ NYY

7/27-7/29: vs. BAL

7/30-8/2: vs. NYY

8/4-8/6: @ BAL

8/7-8/9: @ TB

8/10-8/13: vs. MIN

8/14-8/16: vs. OAK

8/18-8/19: vs. CIN

8/20-8/23: @ BAL (8/23 in Williamsport)

8/25-8/27: @ CHW

8/28-8/30: @ DET

8/31-9/2: vs. NYY

9/4-9/7: vs. DET

9/8-9/10: @ NYY

9/11-9/13: vs. TB

9/15-9/16: @ CIN

9/17-9/20: @ TB

9/22-9/24: vs. TOR

9/25-9/27: vs. BAL

Here’s a picture schedule if that’s more your jam