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2019 Home Run Derby Thread

T-Mobile Home Run Derby

Tonight is the Home Run Derby, which is perhaps my favorite day on the baseball calendar. I’ve always loved this event, but it was improved exponentially when they shifted to a bracket format and went to a clock rather than just giving players a certain number of outs. It now moves much more crisply and the tension is incredible. This year, they’ve upped the stakes even more with a $1 million prize, which is more than a lot of players in the event will make this year for their salaries. This will be your space to discuss the event (and some Red Sox trade rumors if those continue). My predictions are below, and you can leave your own in the comments. Whoever is closest wins absolutely nothing.

First Round

(8) Vladimir Guerrero Jr. over (1) Matt Chapman

(7) Carlos Santana over (2) Pete Alonso

(6) Ronald Acuña over (3) Josh Bell

(4) Alex Bregman over (5) Joc Pederson

Second Round

(4) Alex Bregman over (8) Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

(6) Ronald Acuña over (7) Carlos Santana


(6) Ronald Acuña over (4) Alex Bregman