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Daily Red Sox Links: Marco Hernandez, Chris Sale, Christian Vazquez

In today’s links, Marco Hernandez rescues the Red Sox. Meanwhile, Chris Sale has to retain his ace status and Christian Vazquez may not be the right catcher to get him there.

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MLB: Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

When the Red Sox have needed someone to save them, Marco Hernandez has stepped up. (Patrick Dunne; NBC Sports Boston)

It is the resiliency they showed on Thursday that proves the Red Sox aren’t finished yet. (Alex Speier; Boston Globe)

Chris Sale is the most important pitcher for that cause. (Sean McAdam; Boston Sports Journal) ($$)

Perhaps Christian Vazquez isn’t the right catcher to help the Red Sox’s ace get back to normal. (Jacob Camenker; NBC Sports Boston)

Sale can’t do it alone, of course, so the Sox could look outside the current roster. (Jen McCaffrey; The Athletic) ($$)

More success at the plate from Andrew Benintendi would be a major help as well. (Julian Benbow; Boston Globe)