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The Red Sox do nothing at the trade deadline

I’m upset!

MLB: Boston Red Sox-Workouts
When you see a bullpen you absolutely trust
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I don’t even know why I’m writing this, to be honest. It seems from the outside that me writing this extremely short blog post is more effort than the Red Sox have put into improving a bullpen everyone knew would be an issue from the moment last season ended. Anyway, as you know from the headline up there at the top of this page, the Red Sox did a whole lotta nothing at the trade deadline this year.

I’ll have more complete thoughts on this tomorrow morning as I have time to process this and sleep a little, but for the moment I’ll just say I’m pretty upset! This is a Red Sox team that has been disappointing all year but is still right there for a playoff spot. They should be in the playoffs this year, and at that point anything can happen. They had a clear weakness for a good team in win-now mode and did absolutely nothing. If it was just the deadline inactivity that would be one thing. But combining it with the lack of action in the offseason makes this unpalatable. I hate it a lot.