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Red Sox vs. Rays lineup: The moving days are upon us

It’d David Price vs. Charlie Morton, again, but this time in Boston.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Boston Red Sox
I don’t have to like him to want him to do well, and I certainly want him to do well.
Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

The Red Sox (59-48) and Rays (60-48) begin a series tonight at Fenway Park (7:10 p.m., NESN) in a pitching rematch of a game Boston lost last week and would like to win tonight. That’s analysis, baby! It’s (again) David Price versus Charlie Morton in a battle of players who have the back-end-career largely expected of the other. Price is good, but Morton is better, but obviously that doesn’t matter if one of them slept on their arm last night or something. They are still playing the game, is all.

In other news, J think I’m going back to putting the lineups at the bottom of the post, just to conform. In other news you might care about, in all seriousness, the Sox are 9 games back of the Yankees, the Rays 8.5 back. The dog days of summer baseball’s version of the intolerably cited but amusing named “moving day” at the Masters, and the Sox have heated up along with the mercury, taking three of four against the Yanks. The only problem is they’re not alone in fighting uphill, but given the plaudits the Rays have earned this year — contrasted with the tongue-lashing I, among others, have given the Sox — it’s a miracle Boston’s this close, and if they/we are ever gonna do the thing where they/we come back on the Yankees in August and September, well, this would be a great year to try, and tonight would be a great night to start.

Game 108 vs. Rays

Lineup spot Rays Red Sox
Lineup spot Rays Red Sox
1 Matt Duffy, 3B Mookie Betts, RF
2 Travis D'Arnaud, 1B Rafael Devers, 3B
3 Austin Meadows, DH Xander Bogaerts, SS
4 Tommy Pham, LF J.D. Martinez, DH
5 Avisail García, RF Andrew Benintendi, LF
6 Michael Brosseau, 2B Mitch Moreland, 1B
7 Willy Adames, SS Christian Vázquez, C
8 Guillermo Heredia, CF Brock Holt, 2B
9 Mike Zunino, C Jackie Bradley Jr., CF
SP Charlie Morton, RHP David Price, LHP