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FanPost Friday - What Are Your Trade Deadline Hopes?

The trade deadline is coming up. Come up with some awesome moves! Or don’t!

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays
No, we are not getting another Chris Sale.
Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

This year, there’s only one trade deadline. In the past, July 31st served as merely the non-waiver deadline. Deals could still get done in August. Not so this year. This year, if a trade is not done by July 31st, it won’t be done at all during the season.

This will likely lead to a different deadline than we’ve had in years past. Teams have to decide now if they are a buyer or a seller. They don’t get that extra month to decide. The Red Sox are in an interesting place. They could feasibly consider selling, but they are so close to the playoffs that they could also just as easily (and more likely) buy in.

There are a few holes on the 2019 Red Sox. These holes can all be filled at a reasonable cost, presumably, depending on what you are looking for, as far as value goes.

So I humbly ask you, readers of Over The Monster...

What should the Red Sox do at the trade deadline? What will they do? Will it come back to bite them if they don’t?

We’ll review the answers before the trade deadline, so we can compare with what the team actually does.

Happy posting!