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The Over The Monster Podcast-What now?

In this episode of the show Keaton and I explore if the team’s recent performance makes them buyers or sellers at the deadline.

MLB: Spring Training-Boston Red Sox at Pittsburgh Pirates Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

On today’s episode of the show Keaton and I tackle the big question following the embarrassing series in Baltimore—should the Red Sox be sellers at the trade deadline. In order to answer this question we dig into who is in front of them competing for the Wild Card, as well as who they even have to sell. I won’t spoil our conclusion, but I will say we were very thorough in our answering of the question. We also addressed the roster shakeups including the DFA of Eduardo Nunez and the changes to the bullpen. Spoiler alert: we like this current bullpen more than we have any of the other versions all year. After this we look at the performance of Red Sox hitters and pitchers over the last two weeks before diving into some listener questions. This was a fun show to do and a must listen for anyone thinking about what the Red Sox ought to do before the July 31st trade deadline.

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