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Red Sox at Blue Jays lineup: Can the Sox bring the fireworks to Canada?

No Independence Day? No worries. Actually, a ton of worries. Just not about the offense.

MLB: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox
Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Game 85 at Blue Jays

Lineup spot Red Sox Blue Jays
Lineup spot Red Sox Blue Jays
1 Mookie Betts, RF Eric Sogard, DH
2 Rafael Devers, 3B Vladimir Guerrero Jr., 3B
3 Xander Bogaerts, SS Loures Gurriel Jr., LF
4 J.D. Martinez, DH Justin Smoak, 1B
5 Andrew Benintendi, LF Randal Grichuck, CF
6 Christian Vázquez, C Cavan Biggio, 2B
7 Jackie Bradley Jr., CF Freddy Galvis, SS
8 Michael Chavis, 1B Brandon Drury, RF
9 Brock Holt, 2B Danny Jansen, C
SP David Price, LHP Trent Thornton, RHP

The Red Sox (44-40), weary and battered after a trip overseas, don’t have the luxury of playing their first game “back” in America as they’ve traveled to Toronto to take on the Blue Jays (32-53) tonight in Titletown, Ontario, Canada at 7:07 p.m.

The good news for Red Sox fans is that the Blue Jays seem unlikely to add to the Raptors’s success, thus hopefully posing less of an obstacle than normal as they work the various sons of baseball players into everyday roles on their team with Bo Bichette still waiting in the wings. The bad news for the Red Sox is that probably doesn’t mean much with how this team is pitching and how literally shorthanded it is. It needs more hands, attached to arms that capably throw baseballs. I’m writing about this tomorrow just like everyone else has, but the malaise seems real.

All that said, it only takes one good week for things to turn around, and this would be the best possible week so far for them to start some thumpage. Maybe Alex Speier’s Mookie Betts piece will fire up the American League MVP (who had this season, more or less, two years ago, so I don’t get the panic) or maybe the Sox will just put together a nice stretch and the bounces will finally go their way. After seeing what Karma did to the Celtics, though, there may be larger forces at work. Bigger than Karma, even: Complacency. But again: tomorrow. And tomorrow is tomorrow, and tonight is tonight. David Price, please don’t have a less than one inning start tonight. Thank you.